A Big Small World


  1. How great to have a quilt show up in Quiltfolk! Congrats to Karen and Teresa

  2. What a wonderful tribute to kindness of Karen to have made this and the expertise of Teresa’s quilting. Such a great honor! Congrats both of you.

  3. So happy to see this story and call you both not only fellow quilters but dear friends.

  4. One never knows how a quilt will touch and comfort others. Thank you Dianne for being attentive. And how nice that Karen and Teresa were acknowledged for their skill and kindness. Fun story!

  5. What an amazing story. Such a sweet and lovely quilt with a beautifully quilted pattern. It reminds me of that adage: “ Like the ripples from a stone tossed into the pond from the water’s edge, the effects of our choices extend infinitely outward.” Go Karen, Go Teresa!

  6. Congratulations to Karen and Teresa who both deserve this type of recognition. Thank you Dianne for sharing this story.

  7. What a lovely story! Thanks for connecting the dots, Dianne! Karen-great baby quilt. Teresa-great quilting.

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