2022 Quilt Show

Outdoor Quilt Show Instructions

If you would like to show your quilts at the show please …(read carefully)

  1. Drop your quilts off at one of the following drop-off home depots of our members. Please see the members list for addresses. If none of these addresses will work for you, please contact me. Please don’t wait until the very last minute to drop off your quilt. Plan on getting your quilt to the drop off house Saturday,  by July 13. Do not expect your quilt to be hung if you show up with it on the morning of the show. Drop off locations are…
    1. Marcia Sanderman – 6390 SW Chestnut Lane, Beaverton
    2. Deb Messina – 5275 SW Main Avenue, Beaverton
    3. Sharon Rub – 3121 NE Jackson Road Loop, Hillsboro
    4. Michele Nichols – 5805 SE Liebe Street, Portland
  2. Be sure to include a half sheet of 8.5” x 11 white paper with your name, title of your quilt, and anything else that folks should know about your quilt. Please safety pin it to your quilt – just so we don’t separate them.
  3. No King and Queen-sized quilts. They are too big and heavy for us to hang from the ropes. So nothing larger than a Twin bed sized quilt or about 60″ x84″ please.
  4. Register your quilts and choose your “depot” by clicking the button below.
  5. Remember we will be hanging the quilts with clips from ropes hung between the trees. We cannot guarantee absolute cleanliness, though we will make every effort to do that. Birds do fly around the park.
  6. We will have signs around the park to guide folks to our show and those signs will include a note to NOT touch the quilts.
  7. Tell your friends about the show. It will be fun to show off all our work.
  8. We will be in the trees so we should have shade (I assume summer will be here by then with a vengeance). We will have emergency water available but please bring your own so the water we supply is really for emergencies.
  9. There is no seating in the show area so bring a chair if you want to hang out. There is plenty of room and this is a great chance to visit and share.
  10. GPS will tell you that the park is on Erickson. It is, but we will be at the other (west) end of the park. There are paved paths from Erickson so you can get there easily but there is more parking and you will be closer if you come by the Menlo Street entrance. We will be just off Berthold.
  11. If you have questions or concerns etc. please give me (Linda Howarth) a call at 503-888-9350 or email – howarthl@outlook.com.

Evelyn Schiffler Park MapRegister Your Quilts Here