Happy Place Sign

2022 MPS Quilt Challenge>
“Show Me Your Happy Place!”

It has been quite the last few years, right?  As you immerse yourself in a new year filled with abundant possibilities, what makes you happy?  Is it a special person in your life?  An inspiring place that you visited? A pet, a color or a song?

this must be the place signThis 2022 quilt challenge will prove to be as unique and brimming with creativity as there are amazing members in our guild.  Can you imagine the display of happiness when the reveal happens?  The sky is the limit!

Mixing it up a little, you will notice that the dimensions are 20” X 22”.  Even that arrangement is up to you.  Maybe you want to show your happy place in a 22” X 20” creation. It is your happy place; show it any way that you want!

The reveal will happen at our November 2022 guild meeting on the 4th Tuesday of that month.  Ready, set, go get happy!

Our 2021 MPS Quilt Challenge was a great success.  You can view our 2021 challenge quilts by clicking the button below.2021 Ombre Challenge Quilts

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