Show of 2021 Ombre Challenge Quilts

Ombre is a French word meaning shaded or graduated tone.  Ombre may have more than one color, and it might be hand-dyed, printed, metallic, or a batik.

The quilt size was to be 20″ x 20″ and we had the option to add one additional piece of another fabric to our quilt top.  The quilt backing and binding were to be made with the Ombre fabric only in order to see and appreciate the Ombre that was chosen as a whole before it was cut up for piecing.

These quilts were shown at our 2021 Ombre Quilt Challenge Reveal on November 23th, 2021.

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Kenya Williams

The quilt was inspired by a quilt hanging on the wall at Ace Sew-n-Vac. Great fun to do with ombre.

Penny Brown

Carolyn Bahrman

The 21×21 quilt challenge this year using Ombré was fun. Once I got started sewing, you can tell I had trouble stopping. But thank you for the opportunity to try something new to me and a stretch for my sewing skills.

Linda Gillins

For nearly forty years my husband and I have watched sunsets fall behind the Coast range. The Ombre Challenge seemed a perfect time to try to capture the range of color and lines of all those sunsets. Fun project, but I could not sew the magnificent sunset’s of Mother Nature!

Heather Pool

The ombre ran from gold to orange, rust, to pink, all with metallic dots. The second fabric was black with gold medallions on it. I cut the wedges of the Dresden plate from the gold edge of the ombre, and the corners of the gold filigree medallions. The background is pieced from the black areas between the medallions. The center is a rust ring from the ombre, and a medallion center appliqued on. This is a mat for my bar cart.

Lisa Roberts

I created several half square triangle blocks with a blue ombre and played around with them to create this mountain scene, then added some black birds. I am calling it “Migration”. The back shows a panel of the ombre before cutting.

Judy Liebo

Why use one ombré when you can use two! This was a fun little project. I look forward to seeing them all hung together at the quilt show.

Theresa Bezayiff

Sunrise was made from a twister ruler. I designed, pieced, and quilted it myself.

Kim Toffel

I got the inspiration for this quilt from Pinterest. Unfortunately, I had to supplement with other fabric for the back as I ran out of ombré. I change out the mini quilts over my fireplace almost monthly, so this will work for January. I am hoping for a nice snowfall this winter, so hopefully this will inspire Mother Nature!

Nancy Watts

My quilt is called “Mystery Planets”. I cut the original ombré fabric into strips and offset the strips to create some background movement. The smaller circles are made using APPLIPOPS, a great tool for making turned edge fabric circles. The two larger circle patterns were made by drawing around a bowl and all circles are appliquéd. The quilting lines were drawn on by using one of my husband’s drafting tools for flexible curves. My inspiration came from browsing the internet for any design with circles, since I love circles. I’m so sorry not to be at the meeting tonight. We are camping in Northern California with my husband’s son and family, including two grandchildren 6 and 9 which will be such fun. I wish you all a very happy Happy Thanksgiving.

Ruthann Marquis

The idea for my 2021 quilt for the 20 x 20 challenge came to me very slowly and organically. I took Jennifer Sampou’s words to heart: Make the fabric do the work for you! I purchased a yard of Hoffman Waves and was delighted with the spread of patterns that made up the ombre. I left it intact to showcase its beauty. A special thank you goes out to Betsy Sayre for sharing her beautiful red cutwork that made a perfect capsule for this quilt titled Free At Last!

Christie Frey

Fabric name is Horizon Ombres by Christins Cameli… this is called …sunrise…breathe deep today…. I hand stitched the cathedral window blocks together and laid on top of another piece to show the ombré border. This will become a pillow very soon.

Jean Kelly

I used Sam Hunter’s “Dingbats’ pattern. It is straight forward and has no y-seams. I stretched the rules a little by adding the silver lame but it needed a little bit of sparkle.

Jessica Cutright

My 21 Challenge fabric was the black for the two horses. It was reversed on the one on the left. The right one has a very subtle design. I got my final idea from the lecture’s sunset quilt.

Dianne McDonnell

“Let’s Mingle” This quilt was inspired by the block called “Interlaced Ribbons” by Nancy Cabot in 1936. When I noticed this block, I thought it would make an interesting quilt for the Ombre challenge. I drafted the pattern to measure 20″ x 20″ and then used the draft to paper-piece the top. I chose to face the quilt rather than bind it. The fabric is “Opal” from Jennifer Sampou’s Sky collection. The dark blue is from her “Nightfall” ombre of the same collection.

Marcia Sanderman

My inspiration was a photo of a winter scene by the artist P. Buckley Moss, who is most noted for her Amish scenes. The ombré fabric I used went from a dark gray to almost white. I used a solid black as my extra fabric. I free motion quilted most of the tree and shrub branches.

Naomi Macione

This is my first Hawaiian needle turned appliqué piece. I was inspired by Ruthann’s presentation on Hawaiian quilts. I really enjoyed the process; feeling the smooth fabric in my hands, and warmth of the tropical colors.

Becky Bohlinger

I cut 1″ strips of the ombre, then wove them with raw edges. No additional fabric used.

Liz McElhinny

I purchased one yard of Jennifer Sampou’s Sky fabric in Haze this summer because I loved the gradation of color across the full width of fabric. My inspiration was the storms on the Oregon coast. I wanted to make the challenge quilt from this one piece of fabric and explored many ideas. This fabric needed larger pieces to showcase the ombré changes but the small quilt size of 20”x20 limited how to get enough contrast with just one fabric. I faced the quilt because a binding didn’t work for the final design. It is a wider facing than usual to show ombré and because I didn’t have enough to do a full backing. I named it “Neskowin Storm” and I am happy with the final quilt.

Susan Paris

This was made from leftovers from a larger quilt. It’s made from hand-pieced hexagons, and I did the quilting.Susan Ombre

Claudia Jakim

Using two ombré fabric from Karen Combs while taking her class in PA. 2015. Tried to do the corner binding. Marsha please help! Quilted on my domestic machine. I used Two layers of cotton batting.

Jean Moore-Volmer

TITLE: Geese in Flight. Somewhere in the back of my memory I had seen this little quilt on the Internet. After some googling I found it at the Better Off Thread Store. It was the entire inspiration for the quilt and quilting. The fabric was harder to find as I needed an entire flow of the light spectrum. I found my fabric at Spoonflower and also bought the gray fabric from them. This is the first time I have ever done reverse appliqué and I found it quite the challenge especially as my points were very small in places.

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