MPS Guild Meeting

Colleen Wise

Colleen believes that perfection is the enemy of creativity.  At our meeting, she will share the lessons she has learned the hard way.  She will also show us some of her techniques, or “cheats”, that she has developed to compensate for her lack of skill in some areas.

Colleen is a quilt artist who specializes 3-D illusions.  She authored the book, “Casting Shadows: Creating Visual Dimension in your Quilts”.  While she is a fan of geometry, she doesn’t necessarily love symmetry.  With one visit to her website, you will be impressed by her beautiful and unusual works.

She promises us some good laughs, tricks of the trade, and perhaps even an attitude adjustment.

Colleen will be teaching her Emerald City workshop the next day and there are still 5 spots available.  You can get all the details and register for the workshop here.

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